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22 May 2008 @ 12:13 pm
please recommend me some good rap to download. been in the mood for it but my mp3 player is about 95% punk. and my brother's stuff is about 90% craprap, 5% funny, 5% good. also books, cos thats always needed.
30 April 2008 @ 12:23 am
new zine is copied and ready to get into your hands. email me your address if you'd like one -

27 July 2007 @ 03:53 pm
Yo! I'm back, and its nice. Ireland was alright, but like I said last time, I really just don't feel myself around the extended family. No more details needed really, it would be boring for us both. It was hot over there though, and Donegal is lovely. Nice beaches, wish I had brought my swimming stuff, though it would've been very, uhh, bracing. 

Journey was eeeshy. was about 18 hours, with some waiting included in that though. Not bad except my back starts hurting after hours sat down like that. Got through 3 books too fast, leaving me hours and hours to just look out the window. 

Got the house to myself now, wahey. Best bit is having the kitchen, no meat left out, no spilt mayonaise or other grossness. I can cook any time and put on loud cheesy music in there while I do it. 

Went to go and get my septum done today, but they didn't have the stuff, so I'm going back tomorrow. Eeee. The worst part is over now though, for me its the initial going in to the shop and asking that is hardest, cos after that I KNOW its gonna happen and I can just go with it. Still, I've not had anything peirced since my ears when I was 11 so I don't really know what kind of pain to expect! 

Going to hunt sab benefit gig in Donny tonight, yess! Man, I am so looking forward to seeing ma friends :D I missed them, and I missed being around smelly punks, even though it was just 5 days.
21 July 2007 @ 11:06 am
This week has gone fast. Tuesday night went to some gig which was shit as owt, these really boring metalcore bands who do guitar wankery and think that rock. Ugh. Didn't stick around for the whole thing. 

Wednesday day time made cakes with Jez and Lucy. Mmm they were reyt tasty! Some from that book 'vegan cupcakes take over the world', its pretty ace, but many are like dinner party cupcakes that you'd need to spend a tenner on the fancy ingredients. Or nick em I guess. Anyway brought them to the gig to sell for Sheffield Animal Friends. Gig was again a bit shit, but not too bad. Lokal Disorda, bit boring. Power Corrupts, good. Intro5pect (yeah, what a shit name eh?), from california, had been told its like proper techno punk and thought yeeah this is gonna be fun. But in reality it was pretty shit, no fat beats really. They sounded anti-flaggy with a keyboard added. 

Actually I don't have time to finish this! Need to go and pack and sort out plants. Off to Ireland til Thursday. Have a good week, leave me fun emails or summat!
06 July 2007 @ 05:20 pm

reet. I keep thinking I want to update this, but then when I get here I don't feel like writing owt.

gonna be going away for a wee while in august which should be fun! to some of shit town in copenhagen and some of the animal rights gathering in appelscha (netherlands), bit annoying that they overlap, I'd right like to go to all of each but ah well! then staying on in amsterdam cos my parents are coming there themselves for a wee holiday. and hopefully rach's amsterdam trip will happen at the same-ish time so I can see her then rather than have to come out again (which I prolly wouldn't be able to afford actually). looking forward to it all! 

was a gig on tuesday at the casbah, which was fun, but the venue felt pretty shitty to me. meh. gigs from a while ago - ghost mice, paul baribeau, russ substance, captain hotknives, johnny onelung. amazing! really. right good. ghost mice on record sometimes annoy me, his voice just gets to me after a while, and sometimes its just so nice its *puke* but live they were aweeesome! and paul baribeau had me holding back tears abit. shhhh don't tell anyone!

think I'm going to ireland for under a week for my grannys birthday. ehhh. there will be nice bits about it (staying in donegal) but because I'm getting the coach/boat rather than flying that means I'll be stuck on my own with grandparents/uncleauntiecousins for a day or two. if its my grandparents its okay but if its the others I will pretty much want to hide in a hole. ugh, i don't want to think about it. 

20 June 2007 @ 08:59 pm
things that have been happening, in no real order- 

+ scumfest 
- not being able to remember seeing avskum or hellkrusher 
+ cider and buckfast mixed together 
+ fear of the dark by iron maiden 
+ nottingham punx picnic 
+ oi polloi being better than last time 
+ falling asleep outside tate modern in the suun 
- lots of bad weather 
+ nicking an ace tiny fork tool thing
- incredibly stupid protest laws. seriously. 
+ good letters with zines and cds 
+ a wee crush, that is just nice and not ARRGH 
- probably not gonna see her for tiime 
+ staying on luke's narrowboat 
- being total shit at steering the narrowboat 
+ ace vegan cookbooks 
+ shorts 

and did you know... irn bru is illegal in america!
03 June 2007 @ 10:37 am


So whats been going on this week then eh? Monday was J'm'enfous, and they were one of the best bands I've seen live in a while. I'd forgotten how good they are. The other bands were alright, but nowt spectacular. Did stuff in the week that I can't remember. Felt like total shit on wednesday and wanted to get out of the country. Thats what bad weather does to me.

Friday was a free gig at the cremorne. Was pretty fun, first Big Difference who were fun good as usual. then the shitest band ever, argh. I stayed in for one and a bit songs and then had to squeeze out to save me ears. Crap trendy indie band that take themselves far too seriously, you know. Then Kid Acne, which was pretty fun stuff. After that DJs came on, stayed for a bit then me and Toni were gonna head to corp when I fall flat on my face right outside the pub! I'm all cut up now, some of its pretty painful, but its okay cos I look like a tuffy and get everyone going 'eee what happened to you?' haha. 

Yesterday were Peace in the Park. was still feeling right ruff for most of it. Was nice and warm though, so was nice just sitting out. Went to some skips after so I came home with a big box full of food/books/games. sweet. Oh yeah and it was awesome for people watching, hippymadness basically, there sure were some amazing baggy colourful trousers and hats (these pointy ones made out of bark or somthing) and a massive stoner with a cheesy as fook 'almighty weed' tshirt. And some guy in a leopardprint thong, with joke teeth on, and a tshirt sayin 'win or lose we're on the booze'. Not a pretty sight.

Now its allotment time, wahey.  

27 May 2007 @ 12:56 pm

Wrote a proper long entry earlier this week, but of course livejournal has to eat it. So list time it is... 

+corp playing scatman and other amazing cheesy dance tunes 
+vitamin x 
+foam lightsabre fight 
+walking home at 4am and it being LIGHT 
+vegan battered sausage 
+playing bradford
+making parathas 
+finally seeing rachel
+dancing to russian ska 
+smoothie ice lolly

Oh yeh, putting out a new fatty boom boom, so if you've got a recipe for it let me know.

10 May 2007 @ 12:16 pm
I didn't know they were making a film of this, hopefully it won't be total shit. It does mean you can find your daemon though! 

06 May 2007 @ 12:12 pm
tea tea tea and DS-13. noice. 

last night was ma first time playing an out of town gig, woo! boston, was fun. got fed reet nice curry. went to the fair just up from the venue, saw funny things and heard cheese tastic music coming from the rides. the other bands that played weren't really my type of stuff, first one was sort of youth crew stuff and the last one was long song, no riffs, weeewahhwooo stuff. the boston people go pretty mental, so that was funny.