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03 June 2007 @ 10:37 am


So whats been going on this week then eh? Monday was J'm'enfous, and they were one of the best bands I've seen live in a while. I'd forgotten how good they are. The other bands were alright, but nowt spectacular. Did stuff in the week that I can't remember. Felt like total shit on wednesday and wanted to get out of the country. Thats what bad weather does to me.

Friday was a free gig at the cremorne. Was pretty fun, first Big Difference who were fun good as usual. then the shitest band ever, argh. I stayed in for one and a bit songs and then had to squeeze out to save me ears. Crap trendy indie band that take themselves far too seriously, you know. Then Kid Acne, which was pretty fun stuff. After that DJs came on, stayed for a bit then me and Toni were gonna head to corp when I fall flat on my face right outside the pub! I'm all cut up now, some of its pretty painful, but its okay cos I look like a tuffy and get everyone going 'eee what happened to you?' haha. 

Yesterday were Peace in the Park. was still feeling right ruff for most of it. Was nice and warm though, so was nice just sitting out. Went to some skips after so I came home with a big box full of food/books/games. sweet. Oh yeah and it was awesome for people watching, hippymadness basically, there sure were some amazing baggy colourful trousers and hats (these pointy ones made out of bark or somthing) and a massive stoner with a cheesy as fook 'almighty weed' tshirt. And some guy in a leopardprint thong, with joke teeth on, and a tshirt sayin 'win or lose we're on the booze'. Not a pretty sight.

Now its allotment time, wahey.  

three stitchthreestitch on June 19th, 2007 06:04 pm (UTC)
Hey, the art zine me and my friend put together is done. Were you still up for doing a trade?
emmateaandbourbons on June 20th, 2007 07:58 pm (UTC)
Yeah sure, which zine did you want to trade with? You can email me at zines_and_tea@hotmail.co.uk for swapping addresses and stuff.