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25 April 2007 @ 05:51 pm

Ay up. So, London was fun! Coach down, not so fun, stuffy and sweaty as fook (air conditioning wasn't working, as always seems to be the case), mostly listened in on the people behind's conversations - "yeah you're definitley gonna get snapped up by a major soon, that song ____ has hit all over it" HAHA! got the tube to the place, made me remember how yuck the tube is, that along with being reet unhelpful in the station made me feel like london = arghh. i dropped my bag on alastair mcgowans foot on the tube hahah amazing. 

Got to the zine symposium, set up the stall and talked to lots of ace people! was well good getting to actually talk/see people that you've written to/read their zines. Funny, I remember when I first started the distro thinking that I'd never go, that it'd be too fucking nervewracking to sit there and talk to people that you've never met before. So I've improved! And I got some good zines of course. 

Then longer than meant to in the pub, but it was good conversation and cider so fuck it. Went back to Jess's to drop our bags and set off to the gig. Got reyt nice curry from this place 1min from her flat. sat and ate it on the grass where some woman came and asked to take photos of us, said it was for some project on street food/eating outside, if so then I would love to see it as it sounds ace to me!

Got to the gig and felt tired and achey as owt, not really sure why, Toni felt the same. Band on seemed a bit shit, ska whatever. Went outside which was better, added red bull to cider. Jos arrived. Went back in to see Gorilla Angreb, seemed okay but I really wasn't in the mood for that sort of thing, so went back outside. Then Auktion, which made me feel a million times better, yeah! :D

And now I can't be bothered to write more. Was a gig on monday, which wasn't amazing, but Violent Crime were good. Gotta head off to see my mum's play in a few minutes. Its her first main part in years (like actually 20 years or summin) and she's nervous as fook. 

My birthday tomorrow!

20 April 2007 @ 02:45 pm

Yo! Long time no update, for no paticular reason really. So what have I been upto...

Ireland! Yes went there, got back last week. It was a mixed bag really, I love Ireland but the family we was over there to see had me frustrated as anything. I felt like I was having to put on an act most of the time, I know that I shouldn't but I really just didn't want to cause any extra worries for my grandparents with all the shite they're dealing with already. I know they mean well, but for after a week of it I was glad to get away.  Really wanted to get some time to explore on my own but they were pretty adamant on the being 'family orientated' (they actually kept saying that). It'd be nice to go over sometime on my own/with a friend/s. 

Gigs. The friday I got back we played with Auktion, who were ACE. Go find them on myspace and have a listen. Was a fun night, I just felt so happy to be back and around friends and cider and real hugs and d-beat. Then we played on wednesday with Flatlands and other bands that I can't remember the names of. Most of it sounded boring, slow and pretentious to me, the last band were a bit better, but still deffo not my cup of tea. Still fun night with good people. 

Good Weather. Yess, so awesome and mood improving, I love it! Been out in the garden alot, and planting stuff in the allotment. Noice. made a curry the other day using spinach just I'd just picked, woohoo. 

Nina the Mouse. Is scurrying around in my hoodie. 

So, whose going to the zine symposium tomorrow??

27 March 2007 @ 12:14 pm

So friday, WOLFBRIGADE! Fun stuff! They were ace, I just wish I could remember their set better, its kinda turned into a bit of a drunken blur, but I can remember lovin it and givin it some arrghh *shakes fists in air*. 1in12 was totally packed, full of dirty crusties with dreads and patches and only black clothes haha. Extinction of Mankind were alright, but just a bit boring and long as usual. Enjoyed Flyblown. Yehh good night. Tried to stop my head spinning in the car home whilst Jez and Ollie talked about welsh folk music. Mostly Jez, loudly and drunkenly, hahaha.

Saturday, massive hangover. Was still in my pyjamas when Kiff turned up to tell me about some free gig. So got sorted (in 2minutes tops, wahey) and went down to the cremourne. Was well random, some shitey jinglejangle indie band was on when we got there. Then improvised ragga, which was awesome funniness. Then Grebo Bastard, who were ace and managed to clear out the room! Went home and ranted for ages.

Sunday, didn't really do much exciting. Did watch Transamerica though. 

Yesterday, went round Kat's for a while. Came home and sat out in the garden!!!! Yes, so fucking good, I can't wait til its just a bit warmer. There is nothing better than being able to just sit outside with a cuppa and some reading material. Bye bye miserable winter moods, yes! Then set off to the cricketers for Pancho&Matty's birthday gig. Was alright, the sound was pretty shit, every band just didn't sound anywhere near as good as usual to me. We played, couldn't hear the vocals, my fingers felt like they were slipping all over the place, ah well, a gig is a gig. Felt a bit negi after that, sat outside on my own for a bit and decided to stay rather than leave, which was a good decision. Felt okay by the end of it, got home listened to Amy Winehouse whilst eating skipped pizza and reading the new Last Hours, goodstuff. 

Oh yeah and last saturday (well 2 saturdays ago now) I saw Oi Polloi, yeah get a load of that!

22 March 2007 @ 07:38 pm

Feel ill, and just generally shitty. Can't find my phone either, so hopefully people aren't pissed off at me for not being where I was sposed to. Getting tired of not hvaing a mattress, I went and slept in my mam's bed while she was out, the mattress is amazing haha! When I was in that semi-asleep stage I kept thinking it was vibrating. 

So now... drink a million more cups of tea in my sleeping bag whilst LOLing at the onion book my dad found me.

Oh yeh, if you haven't seen it on one of the zine communities already, Fuck Shit Up #2 is done. Let me know if you'd like one :]

04 March 2007 @ 11:50 am

this week... 

- played at west st live on monday, pretty fun. war crimes new tour bus = stolen biffa bin! 
- started going through records in the cellar. its ace. wish my stupid record player worked better. (if you have any 80s ish requests then tell me, cos there may well be some down there) 
- cricketers gig on wednesday. mumakil (i think?) were ace. also hangover heartattack, grebo bastard, global disaster, and maybe some others. very fun time. 
- finally watched fried green tomatoes, with my mum at 2am, was nice. 
- ate loads of bagels  
- lunar eclipse 
- the best board game ever = noteability ! 

I downloaded AIM again, I'm zines and tea if you want to add us. 

oh yeah and tomorrow if Kat's birthday gig thing, we're playing and its fancy dress, I'm going as a dead tuff guy, as in he is actually dead not just dead tuff. give me any funny ideas that must be included.

24 February 2007 @ 09:42 am
Hello. How have you lot been? I have been shitty but now I am good. 

After seeing Jo's post about onlinejournals I went and looked at my old xanga, hah, what a silly I was. Although there were bits that I liked, the posi bits, and the phone sex bits, and the Mwila bits, and coffee fuelled all nighter bits. Its fun to look back on these things, reminds you that you've come a long way and all. 

And the post just came, got copies of the You Can't Say No To Hope/The Computers Are Turned Off For A Reason split zine, so that will cheer me up even more as I LOVE those zines. Its free and in my distro, so holler if you want one. Also, I got a recorded delievery letter from the polis about the parliament square demo, had forgot all about that. Says they aren't going to take any further action but I 'have been warned'. Does that actually mean like an official warning that will be on record? 

Was my mam's birthday yesterday, but was in pain all day with this back/shoulder of hers. Seems a little better today. Hopefully its not owt serious and will fuck off soon.
16 February 2007 @ 11:57 am

Long time no update, sort of. 

Things have been good. Had alot of drunken fun on saturday and monday, which included such foolishness as lying down on the pub floor and sticking my stinky feet in faces. And drawn on moustaches of course! 

Tuesday was my wee bros birthday, well 15th so not that wee really. He got a "hench bench" hahahha. Next time you see me I will be totally hench ;) If you don't already use the word hench you deffo should cause its awesome.

Wednesday was stupid, had a crap argument. I don't want to even go into all the back story cos its such a mess, but we've decided to just completely cut contact. Its fucking stupid, a 'friend' should not cause so much pain and upset. I'm not angry about it, just want it over for good. Hopefully he feels the same and isnt going to go around telling people shit. But after that I watched Elizabethtown on teevee, dunno why I chose to cos I mocked it when it came out, but I really enjoyed it haha! And cried like a baby for the last 20 minutes or somthing. Then I wasup til about half 5 coughing up gunk, ugh.

Yesterday got a whole box of mini creme eggs from sainsbo's bin! Everyone at practice had a box, and there were even more left, amaaazing! 

Tattoo tomorrow :D I'll try and borrow someones camera so ja can see.  

Anyone want to do a mixtape trade?!

09 February 2007 @ 10:01 am
Ahhh D.S.-13 are amazing :) I'm drinking coffee in my massive mug with a cinnamon swirl from sainsburys bin. Good stuff. 

So yes, yesterday was good. First of all I got a phone call from a friend, who was actually feeling pretty much the same (but worse) so it was good to have a talk about it. Then practice, which felt really good cos I haven't actually played with them for ages. But the rooms were fukking freezing though, my fingers were going numb (forgot to mention it was SNOWING, but you UKers will already know that). Then went to Jez's, which included all the goodness of: proper vegan roast dinner (&cookies!) by top chef Donna, strongbow and chezza lambrezza, HILARIOUS photos, kelly osbournes 'sexy regs'. 
08 February 2007 @ 02:12 pm

I'm feeling pretty depressed, but theres nothing I want to say about that right now. Here's somthing that made me laugh though -